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State University System Florida Department of Education, Report No. 01-28, May 2001
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The instructional program is providing value.
  • In Fiscal Year 1997-98, 76% of the graduates who remained in Florida had incomes of $25,000 or more within five years of their graduation.
  • The instructional program has improved over the last three years, with graduation and retention rates improving between 1996 and 1997 and remaining stable in 1998.
However, some problems remain. Most notably, many students take more credit hours than they need for graduation.

  • In 1998-99, graduates averaged a total of 5.9 hours over the 115% legislative standard.
  • Based on the estimated average expenditures per credit hour, these excess hours cost $22.1 million for the 5.9 hours in excess of the legislative standard.
Research has some good measures but could be improved. Public service is not adequately measured.

  • Other measures of research include the number of publications, an indication of value faculty at other institutions place on research within the SUS.
The only system-wide measure for public service is the percentage of faculty time allocated to public service that is devoted to public schools. This measure does not provide information about the many types of public service the universities perform.

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