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Progress Report: Retirement Program Addresses Backlog, But It Defers Developing Re-Engineering Indicators, Report No. 00-01, August 2000
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  • The Retirement Program still has not established performance indicators for assessing the results of its $38 million re-engineering project. Program managers cite other priorities as causing them to defer developing these indicators, but plan to establish them in the fall of 2003. 
  • Current program managers agree with our recommendation to assess whether the Florida Retirement System benefit choices are helping attract and retain public employees.  This is especially important in light of the 2000 Legislature creating a new defined contribution plan option for Florida Retirement System members.
  • Consistent with our recommendations, the Legislature has addressed the Retirement Program’s backlog in reviewing local actuarial reports.  The Legislature amended the law in 1999 to allow the program to streamline the review process.  The Legislature also funded a second actuarial position in Fiscal Year 2000-01 to help the program cope with its workload problems.

What were our earlier findings?

Report No. 97-75 Program Evaluation and Justification Review: Retirement Program Administered by the Division of Retirement, published in June 1998.

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