July 2000-December 2000

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
00-28 12/00 Recreation and Parks ProgramEnvironmental Protection, Department of
00-27 12/00 72% of Youths Restored to Competency, Able to Move to Delinquency ProceedingsChildren and Families, Department of
00-26 12/00 Inflexibility in Contracting and Retainage Practices Could Hurt Construction IndustryEducation, Department of; Florida College System; Management Services, Department of
00-25 12/00 License Plate Seizure Program's Error Rate Still High; Program Should Be AbolishedHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
00-24 12/00 Child Support Enforcement Program, Florida Department of RevenueHealth, Department of; Revenue, Department of
00-23 12/00 Review of the Department of CorrectionsCorrections, Department of
00-22 12/00 Licensing Program Is Performing Well; Operations and Service Can Be ImprovedState, Department of
00-21 12/00 Progress Report: State Airfare Contract Reinstated in 1999 After 1998 Suspension Failed to Produce ResultsManagement Services, Department of
00-20 12/00 Child Support Guidelines Schedule Should Reflect Current Economic ConditionsRevenue, Department of
00-19 11/00 Progress Report: Child Support Enforcement Demonstration Projects Continue to Show Mixed ResultsRevenue, Department of
00-18 11/00 Fiscal Impact Report: $47 Million in OPPAGA Recommendations Implemented Since January 2000OPPAGA
00-17 11/00 Developmental Disabilities Program, Florida Department of Children and FamiliesChildren and Families, Department of
00-16 11/00 Child Care ProgramChildren and Families, Department of
00-15 11/00 Recent Initiatives Strengthen Florida's Performance-Based Budgeting SystemOPPAGA
00-14 10/00 Progress Report: Agencies Are Following Through by Consolidating Administrative ServicesChildren and Families, Department of; Elder Affairs, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of; Juvenile Justice, Department of
00-13 10/00 Mental Health Institutions ProgramChildren and Families, Department of
00-12 9/00 Effectiveness and Monitoring of Martin Treatment Center for Sexually Violent PredatorsChildren and Families, Department of; Corrections, Department of; Health, Department of; Judicial System
00-11 9/00 Establishment of the State Disbursement Unit Raises Cost to Process Child Support PaymentsRevenue, Department of
00-10 9/00 Corporations Program Operates Well; Its Fee System Needs StreamliningState, Department of
00-09 9/00 Hillsborough School District Saves $18.7 Million by Implementing Review RecommendationsEducation, Department of; School Districts
00-08 9/00 Florida On-Line School Should Improve Its Accountability and Access ProcessesEducation, Department of
00-07 8/00 Progress Report: Florida Actions Should Improve Student Performance in High-Poverty SchoolsEducation, Department of
00-06 8/00 Lee County School District Saves $12.6 Million by Implementing Review RecommendationsEducation, Department of; School Districts
00-05 8/00 Hamilton School District Saves $550,312 by Implementing Review RecommendationsEducation, Department of; School Districts
00-04 8/00 Progress Report: Wastewater Reuse Reduces Discharges and Provides Alternative Water SuppliesEnvironmental Protection, Department of; Water Management Districts
00-03 8/00 Domestic Violence Shelters Keep Victims Safe, Need Data on Long-Term EffectsChildren and Families, Department of
00-02 8/00 Lake County School District Needs Better Planning and Communication to Address Budget ProblemsSchool Districts
00-01 8/00 Progress Report: Retirement Program Addresses Backlog, But It Defers Developing Re-Engineering IndicatorsManagement Services, Department of