January 2001-December 2001

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
01-68 12/01 Best Financial Management Practices Review: Lake County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
01-67 12/01 Fire Department Coordination Beneficial; Merger Guidelines Would Be HelpfulCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Financial Services, Department of
01-66 12/01 Services to Elders Program, Department of Elder AffairsElder Affairs, Department of
01-65 12/01 Environmental Laboratory Privatization Feasible; Cost Savings Are UncertainEnvironmental Protection, Department of
01-64 12/01 Justice Administrative Commission, State Attorneys, and Public DefendersJudicial System
01-63 12/01 State Veterans Program Meets Most Goals; Savings Seen in Outsourcing Certain FunctionsVeterans` Affairs, Department of
01-62 12/01 Concerns Over Enterprise Florida's Performance, Services to Distressed Areas Point to a Need to Consider Several Alternatives for Its Future RoleGovernor, Executive Office of the
01-61 11/01 Expected Medicaid Savings Unrealized; Performance, Cost Information Not Timely for Legislative PurposesHealth Care Administration, Agency for
01-60 11/01 Agricultural Development Program Met Standards, But Activities Should Become Financially Self-SupportingAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of
01-59 11/01 Department of Military Affairs Should Develop Plan to Consolidate Facilities to Save CostsMilitary Affairs, Department of
01-58 11/01 Progress Report: Most Recommendations on School Principal Training Implemented by Legislature and DOEEducation, Department of
01-57 11/01 School Safety and Security Best Practices Approved by the Commission of EducationEducation, Department of
01-56 11/01 Workforce Development Education Program, Florida Department of EducationEducation, Department of; Florida College System
01-55 11/01 Budget Reductions, Process Improvements Possible in Parole Commission OperationsCorrections, Department of; Florida Parole Commission
01-54 11/01 Many Article V Trial Courts Funding Issues Still Need to Be ResolvedJudicial System
01-53 11/01 Some Funding Shifts Are Possible for the State's Food Safety and Quality ProgramAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of
01-52 11/01 Performance of Collateral Counsels Improved; Registry Accountability Needs to Be RevisitedJudicial System
01-51 11/01 General Revenue Savings Possible in Consumer Protection ProgramAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of
01-50 10/01 Consolidation of Medical Quality Assurance Governance Structure Only a Partial SolutionHealth Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
01-49 10/01 Misdemeanant and Non-Law Violation Youth in Juvenile Justice Commitment BedsJuvenile Justice, Department of
01-48 10/01 Justification Review of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
01-47 10/01 Fiscal Impact Report: OPPAGA Recommendations Total $2.5 Billion in Potential Fiscal Impact; $270 Million Implemented by the Legislature and State Agencies in the Last YearOPPAGA
01-46 10/01 Progress Report: Some Highway Right-of-Way Costs Decreased, But Legislative Changes Needed to Further Reduce CostsTransportation, Department of
01-45 10/01 Progress Report: Some Motor Carrier Compliance Improvements Made, But Overweight Vehicle Penalties Not RaisedTransportation, Department of
01-44 9/01 Progress Report: FDOT Adopts Some OPPAGA Recommendations to Improve Construction and Maintenance ProgramsTransportation, Department of
01-43 9/01 Progress Report: Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission Has Implemented OPPAGA's RecommendationsCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Transportation, Department of
01-42 9/01 Blind Babies Program Not Effectively Implemented; Continued Funding by State Cannot Be JustifiedEducation, Department of
01-41 9/01 Progress Report: Toll Operations Program Adopts Some Recommendations--Saved $1 MillionTransportation, Department of
01-40 9/01 Cumulative Impact Consideration in Environmental Resource PermittingCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Environmental Protection, Department of; Water Management Districts
01-39 9/01 Medicaid Program Integrity Efforts Recover Minimal Dollars, Sanctions Rarely Imposed, Stronger Accountability NeededHealth Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
01-38 8/01 Legislature Should Establish Foster Care Excess Federal Earnings Program Despite Slow StartChildren and Families, Department of
01-37 8/01 Progress Report: Some Public Transportation Improvements Made; Stronger Planning for High-Speed Rail NeededTransportation, Department of
01-36 8/01 Forest Protection Program Meets Most Standards; Could Achieve Further SavingsEnvironmental Protection, Department of
01-35 8/01 Progress Report: Management Services Makes Progress by Implementing OPPAGA RecommendationsManagement Services, Department of
01-34 8/01 Progress Report: Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Program Taking Steps to Implement RecommendationsChildren and Families, Department of
01-33 7/01 Progress Report: DMS Adopts OPPAGA'S Workforce Recommendations; However, a Strong Outsourcing Contract Is ImperativeManagement Services, Department of
01-32 7/01 Progress Report: State Child Support Case Registry Is Fully Operational; Receives ReimbursementRevenue, Department of
01-31 6/01 Fire Marshal Program Performs Well; Boiler Safety Function, Measures Need ImprovementFinancial Services, Department of
01-30 6/01 Progress Report: Community College Budget Incentives and Interagency Articulation Improve, But Graduation Rates Still InflatedFlorida College System
01-29 6/01 Progress Report: Florida Highway Patrol Fails to Achieve Savings or Demonstrate Impact of Adding TroopersHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
01-28 5/01 State University System Florida Department of EducationEducation, Department of
01-27 5/01 Medicaid Disease Management Initiative Sluggish, Cost Savings Not Determined, Design Changes NeededHealth Care Administration, Agency for
01-26 5/01 Land Acquisition Practices of the Miami-Dade County School DistrictEducation, Department of
01-25 5/01 Slow Startup, Lack of Structure Jeopardize Toolkit for Economic Development's Implementation and FundingCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Governor, Executive Office of the; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
01-24 5/01 Health Care Regulation Program, Agency for Health Care AdministrationHealth Care Administration, Agency for
01-23 4/01 Overview of Florida's Best Financial Management Practices Program for School DistrictsEducation, Department of
01-22 4/01 Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade Public Education ProgramEducation, Department of
01-21 3/01 Options to Re-Design State Employee Health Insurance Benefits PresentedManagement Services, Department of
01-20 3/01 Progress Report: The Library, Archives, and Information Program Has Improved Primary FunctionsState, Department of
01-19 3/01 Jobs for Florida's Graduates Program Appears to Be Improving Its PerformanceEducation, Department of
01-18 3/01 Recommended Florida Retirement System Contribution Rates Are ReasonableManagement Services, Department of
01-17 3/01 Use of Electricity Sales Tax Exemption Expands; Exemption Should Be ContinuedGovernor, Executive Office of the; Revenue, Department of
01-16 3/01 Government "Outside" Workforce Exceeds Number of State Personnel System EmployeesMulti-Agency
01-15 3/01 Progress Report: The Workers' Compensation Program Makes Progress by Implementing RecommendationsFinancial Services, Department of
01-14 3/01 Child Protection ProgramChildren and Families, Department of
01-13 3/01 Department of Transportation Can Expedite Its Proposed Staffing Reduction PlanTransportation, Department of
01-12 2/01 Feasibility of Outsourcing Florida's Statewide Retirement SystemsManagement Services, Department of
01-11 2/01 Space Financing Corporation Is Still Gearing Up and Needs to Develop a Business PlanGovernor, Executive Office of the; Transportation, Department of
01-10 2/01 Growth in Medicaid Prescription Drug Costs Indicates Additional Prudent Purchasing Practices Are NeededHealth Care Administration, Agency for
01-09 2/01 Progress Report: Manatee District Not Yet Eligible for the State's Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of
01-08 2/01 DCF's Adult Services Program Meeting Goals; Data Reliability, Case Management Need WorkChildren and Families, Department of
01-07 2/01 State Lands Program Florida Department of Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental Protection, Department of
01-06 2/01 Client Characteristics and Outcomes Are Similar for Both Administrative and Judicial Review of Child Abuse CasesChildren and Families, Department of
01-05 1/01 Florida's Unit Cost Initiative Shows Promise, But Needs DevelopmentMulti-Agency; OPPAGA
01-04 1/01 High-Risk Elder Victims of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation Quickly Served; Data Problems RemainChildren and Families, Department of; Elder Affairs, Department of
01-03 1/01 Motor Vehicle-Related Activities Performed by the Licenses, Titles, Regulations Program Department of Highway Safety and Motor VehiclesHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
01-02 1/01 Driver License-Related Activities Performed by the Licenses, Titles, and Regulations Program Department of Highway Safety and Motor VehiclesHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
01-01 1/01 Financial Accountability for Public Funds Program Is Performing WellFinancial Services, Department of