January 2002-December 2002

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
02-71 12/02 An Altered Credit Allocation and a Combined Dispatch System Would Better Support State Law Enforcement Radio SystemManagement Services, Department of; Multi-Agency
02-70 12/02 Division of Administrative Hearings Method of Assessing Fees Needs Significant RevisionManagement Services, Department of
02-69 12/02 Property Appraisers Use Cost Approach to Value Billboards; Guidelines Need UpdatingRevenue, Department of
02-68 12/02 Department of State Divisions Would Benefit Through Coordination and Grants Streamlining State, Department of
02-67 12/02 Intergovernmental Authorities Provide Public Benefits, But They Lack AccountabilityCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Environmental Protection, Department of; Public Service Commission
02-66 12/02 Alternative Fee Options Exist for the Public Employees Relations CommissionManagement Services, Department of
02-65 12/02 Progress Report: The Department Still Lacks Data Needed to Assess the Child Safety Administrative Review ProcessChildren and Families, Department of
02-64 12/02 New Security Rules Have Minimal Cost Impact on Aerial Application IndustryAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of
02-63 12/02 School Safety and Security Best Practices Approved by the Commissioner of EducationEducation, Department of
02-62 11/02 Prevention and Victim Services Program Department of Juvenile JusticeJuvenile Justice, Department of
02-61 11/02 Progress Report: Child Care Program Implements Recommendations to Improve Licensing and Enforcement ActivitiesChildren and Families, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
02-60 11/02 Progress Report: Space Financing Corporation Has Addressed OPPAGA RecommendationsGovernor, Executive Office of the; Transportation, Department of
02-59 11/02 Statutes Authorizing Technology Commercialization and Development Initiatives Should Be Re-EnactedGovernor, Executive Office of the
02-58 11/02 Best Financial Management Practices Review of the Lee County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-57 11/02 Downsizing Project Management Services Produces Savings, Few Adverse EffectsManagement Services, Department of
02-56 11/02 Progress Report: Lake City Correctional Facility Added Programs and Saved 6.5%; Intermediate Sanctions Still NeededManagement Services, Department of
02-55 10/02 Most Election Reforms Implemented; Additional Actions Could Be ConsideredState, Department of
02-54 10/02 Progress Report: Delays Reduced But Persist in the State's Juvenile Competency ProgramChildren and Families, Department of
02-53 10/02 Best Financial Management Practices Review of the Okaloosa County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-52 10/02 Progress Report: Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Addresses Most Driver License RecommendationsHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
02-51 10/02 Progress Report: Some Motor Vehicle Services Recommendations Addressed; No Action Taken on Outsourcing Mobile Home Regulation, Subsidies from Title Fees, and Rebuilt Vehicle DisclosureHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
02-50 10/02 Progress Report: Better Contracting Practices Would Aid the Construction Industry in FloridaManagement Services, Department of; Multi-Agency
02-49 9/02 School Districts Identify a Variety of Ways to Improve Safety in SchoolsEducation, Department of
02-48 9/02 Progress Report: Legislature Improves Welfare Reform in FloridaEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
02-47 9/02 Progress Report: Juvenile Home Detention Staff Reduced; Critical Secure Facility Posts Not Identified; Transit Changes BeneficialJuvenile Justice, Department of
02-46 9/02 Progress Report: Mental Health Institutions Program Acted on Three OPPAGA RecommendationsChildren and Families, Department of
02-45 8/02 Best Financial Management Practices Review of the Osceola County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-44 8/02 Children's Advocacy Centers Appear Beneficial But Have Limited AccountabilityChildren and Families, Department of; Health, Department of
02-43 8/02 Best Financial Management Practices Review of the Santa Rosa County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-42 7/02 The Juvenile Justice Residential Program Should Improve Contracting ProcessesJuvenile Justice, Department of
02-41 7/02 Progress Report: Recreation and Parks Program Implements Few Cost Saving and Revenue RecommendationsEnvironmental Protection, Department of
02-40 7/02 Special Examination of the Institute of Food and Agricultural SciencesBoard of Governors of the State University System; Education, Department of
02-39 7/02 Best Financial Management Practices Review of the Hillsborough County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-38 6/02 Progress Report: Florida Engineers Management Corporation Performs Well, But Department of Business and Professional Regulation Has Not Implemented Privatization RecommendationsBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of
02-37 6/02 While State Board of Administration Investments Perform Relatively Well, the SBA Should Reassess Planned Expansion of Alternative InvestmentsAdministration, State Board of
02-36 6/02 Apprenticeship Program Is Beneficial, But Its Ability to Meet State Demands Is LimitedEducation, Department of; Florida College System
02-35 6/02 Progress Report: Legislature Ends Vehicle License Plate Seizure Pilot Program Due to Error Rate, Driver InconvenienceTransportation, Department of
02-34 5/02 Progress Report: Program Fund Accountability Still an Issue for Department of State's Licensing ProgramState, Department of
02-33 6/02 Adult General Education Performance Improves; However, Placement Rates Need Improvement and the State's Residency Policy Needs DefinitionEducation, Department of
02-32 5/02 Workforce Development Education ProgramEducation, Department of
02-31 5/02 Improved State Vehicle Management Could Save Florida up to $2.4 Million AnnuallyManagement Services, Department of; Multi-Agency
02-30 5/02 Progress Report: Manatee School District Makes Substantial Improvements and Is Now Eligible for Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-29 5/02 Florida's Air Quality Is Generally Good, But Ozone and Air Toxics Are ConcernsEnvironmental Protection, Department of
02-28 5/02 Progress Report: Corporations Program Revenues Continue to Be Diverted to Unnecessary Trust FundsState, Department of
02-27 5/02 Progress Report: Correctional Privatization Commission Improved Management of South Bay Contract; More Savings PossibleManagement Services, Department of
02-26 5/02 Competition Should Drive Down State Costs for Online Legal ResearchLegal Affairs, Department of; Multi-Agency
02-25 4/02 Best Financial Management Practices Review of the Miami-Dade County School DistrictEducation, Department of; School Districts
02-24 4/02 Progress Report: Legal Affairs Adopts Most OPPAGA Recommendations to Improve AccountabilityLegal Affairs, Department of
02-23 4/02 Palm Beach School Board Acquisition of Relocatable Classrooms Examined, April 2002Education, Department of
02-22 3/02 Progress Report: Charter School Management Strengthened, But Improved Academic Accountability NeededEducation, Department of
02-21 3/02 Florida's Regulation of the Death Care Industry Has Many Weaknesses, Results of a Joint Examination Conducted by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability and the Auditor GeneralBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of; Financial Services, Department of
02-20 3/02 Recommended Florida Retirement System Contribution Rates Are ReasonableManagement Services, Department of
02-19 3/02 Progress Report: Domestic Violence Program Improves Coordination, But Lacks Data on Long-Term Effect of ServicesChildren and Families, Department of
02-18 3/02 Progress Report: Developmental Disabilities Program Takes Steps to Improve Medicaid Waiver Systems and ControlsChildren and Families, Department of
02-17 3/02 Most Delinquents Sent to Community Supervision; Program Could ImproveJuvenile Justice, Department of
02-16 3/02 Progress Report of Justification Review: Child Protection Program, Department of Children and FamiliesChildren and Families, Department of
02-15 3/02 Eliminating Recycling Grants and Raising Recycling Rates Could Save Over $2.5 MillionEnvironmental Protection, Department of; Florida College System
02-14 3/02 State's "Actual" Workforce Is Increasing Primarily Due to Growth In Outside JobsMulti-Agency
02-13 2/02 Adherence to Florida's Child Support Guidelines Appears to Be ImprovingRevenue, Department of
02-12 2/02 Jobs for Florida's Graduates Program Becomes Independent and Its Performance ImprovesEducation, Department of
02-11 2/02 Sale of Lottery Products Program, Department of the LotteryLottery, Department of the
02-10 2/02 Guardian Ad Litem Placement May Shift for Reasons of Funding and Conflict of InterestJudicial System
02-096 11/01 Information Brief: Improvements Needed in Cost Management For Corrections Health Services and OvertimeCorrections, Department of
02-09 2/02 Legislative Options to Control Rising Developmental Disabilities CostsChildren and Families, Department of
02-08 2/02 Slow Progress Has Been Made in Cleaning Up and Redeveloping Contaminated Brownfield SitesEnvironmental Protection, Department of; Governor, Executive Office of the
02-07 1/02 School Readiness Program's Potential Not Realized With Critical Issues UnresolvedEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
02-06 1/02 Responsibilities Not Fulfilled by Occupational Access and Opportunity Commission; Program Performance DeclinesEducation, Department of
02-05 1/02 Articulation Works for Most Community College Transfer Students, But Some Problems ContinueEducation, Department of
02-04 1/02 Children's Medical Services Privatization Is Feasible; Could Save Over $18 Million, But Barriers Must Be OvercomeHealth, Department of
02-03 1/02 The Office of Statewide Prosecution Is Effective and Economically ViableLegal Affairs, Department of
02-02 1/02 Healthy Kids Slots Used; Waiting Lists Eliminated, But Could Reoccur If Local Match Is ReinstatedHealth Care Administration, Agency for
02-01 1/02 Florida Communities Trust Improves Its Timeliness; Further Actions Are NeededCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of