January 2004-December 2004

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
04-84 12/04 Legislature Has Several Options for Florida’s KidCare Family PremiumHealth Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
04-83 12/04 Several Issues Important in Redesigning Business Recruitment and Expansion Tax Refund ProgramsGovernor, Executive Office of the; Revenue, Department of
04-82 12/04 Progress Report: VISIT FLORIDA Improving Performance Measures and Expanded Rural Partnership ActivitiesGovernor, Executive Office of the
04-81 12/04 Central Florida’s Reedy Creek Improvement District Has Wide-Ranging AuthorityCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
04-80 12/04 Lottery Faces Challenges Meeting Future Revenue Demands, Continues Work to Improve EfficiencyLottery, Department of the
04-79 12/04 Access to Mammography Services in Florida Is More Limited for Low-Income WomenHealth, Department of
04-78 11/04 Independent Living Minimum Standards Recommended for Children in Foster CareChildren and Families, Department of
04-77 11/04 Progress Report: AHCA Takes Steps to Improve Medicaid Program Integrity, But Further Actions Are Needed, November 2004Health Care Administration, Agency for
04-76 11/04 Progress Report: DEP Addresses Some Recommendations; Still Lacks an Integrated Law Enforcement Information SystemEnvironmental Protection, Department of
04-75 11/04 Florida’s Public Health Preparedness Has Improved; Further Adjustments NeededHealth, Department of
04-74 11/04 2004 Annotated Listing of RecommendationsMulti-Agency; OPPAGA
04-73 10/04 Most Adult Protection Working Agreements Signed, But Have Had Limited EffectivenessChildren and Families, Department of
04-72 10/04 Though the Option Is Available, School Districts Do Not Test Students for SteroidsEducation, Department of
04-71 10/04 Progress Report: Medical Quality Assurance Improves Accountability System; Information Tracking Concerns PersistHealth, Department of
04-70 10/04 Multi-Year Projections of Retirement System Funding Should Be Provided to the LegislatureAdministration, State Board of; Management Services, Department of
04-69 10/04 Correctional Substance Abuse Programs, While Few, Are Reasonably Efficient and EffectiveCorrections, Department of
04-68 9/04 Progress Report: Workforce System Still Needs Financial Self-Sufficiency Performance StandardsEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
04-67 8/04 Progress Report: DCF Implements Recommendations, But Some Delays Still Occurring in Residential Mental Health Assessment ProcessChildren and Families, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for
04-66 9/04 Progress Report: Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program Improves Data Reliability, But Should Increase Medicaid ReimbursementsHealth, Department of
04-65 9/04 DCF Improves Readiness Assessment Process; However, Additional Changes Are NeededChildren and Families, Department of
04-64 8/04 Progress Report: Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System Nears Full Statewide Implementation; Additional State Funds Will Be NecessaryManagement Services, Department of; Multi-Agency
04-63 8/04 Progress Report: Sexually Violent Predator Program Is Reducing Backlog, But Still Not TimelyChildren and Families, Department of
04-62 8/04 Progress Report: St. Lucie School District Has Implemented Best Practices and Is Eligible For State SealEducation, Department of; School Districts
04-61 8/04 Progress Report: Inmate Health Care Consolidation Progressing; Privatization Requires Agency VigilanceCorrections, Department of
04-60 8/04 Progress Report: Corrections Program Still Challenged by Inmate Idleness, Prison Planning, and Fleet MaintenanceCorrections, Department of
04-59 8/04 Progress Report: Corrections Education and Rehabilitative Programs Significantly ReducedCorrections, Department of
04-58 8/04 Progress Report: More Efficient Use of Probation Officers and Prioritization of Victim Restitution NeededCorrections, Department of
04-57 8/04 Progress Report: Department of State Improves Administration of Cultural and Historical ProgramsState, Department of
04-56 8/04 Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Should Improve Primary Functions and Accountability SystemBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of
04-55 8/04 Progress Report: Children’s Advocacy Centers Authorized to Receive State Funds, But Need Additional AccountabilityChildren and Families, Department of; Health, Department of
04-54 8/04 The State Has Several Options Available When Considering the Funding of Higher EducationEducation, Department of; Florida College System
04-53 8/04 Progress Report: Medicaid Should Improve Cost Reduction Reporting and Monitoring of Health Processes and OutcomesHealth Care Administration, Agency for
04-52 8/04 Department Has Taken Steps to Improve the Detection of Uninsured MotoristsHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Department of
04-51 8/04 Progress Report: IFAS Evaluating Fees, But Has Not Made Any Modifications to Previous Consolidation PlansBoard of Governors of the State University System
04-50 8/04 Project HOPE Helped Break the Cycle of Prostitution and Solicitation, But Had Implementation ProblemsCorrections, Department of
04-49 7/04 The State’s Risk Management Program Could Be Authorized to Do More to Protect Florida’s AssetsFinancial Services, Department of
04-48 7/04 Progress Report: Division of Administrative Hearings Significantly Improves the Method of Assessing FeesManagement Services, Department of
04-47 7/04 Progress Report: DJJ Prevention Makes Progress; More Analysis and Contract Monitoring NeededJuvenile Justice, Department of
04-46 7/04 Progress Report: The Department of Revenue Has Begun Updating Its Guidelines for Assessment of BillboardsRevenue, Department of
04-45 7/04 Progress Report: Osceola County School District Making Progress, But Not Yet Eligible For the State’s Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
04-44 6/04 Stronger Financial Incentives Could Encourage Students to Graduate With Fewer Excess HoursEducation, Department of; Florida College System
04-43 6/04 Progress Report: Veterans Program Still Lacks Good Performance Data; More Cost Savings Possible by Extending OutsourcingVeterans` Affairs, Department of
04-42 6/04 Progress Report: Students Benefit from Workforce Education Programs, But Performance Can Be ImprovedEducation, Department of
04-41 6/04 Progress Report: K-12 Accountability System and Student Achievement Improved, But Challenges RemainEducation, Department of
04-40 6/04 Progress Report: Lee County School District Not Yet Eligible for the State's Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
04-39 6/04 Many Children Receiving Intensive Exceptional Student Education Services Are Served by Multiple Programs; No Unnecessary Duplication of Services FoundChildren and Families, Department of; Education, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
04-38 6/04 Progress Report: Hillsborough County School District Making Progress, But Not Yet Eligible For the State’s Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
04-37 6/04 Merging DMS Quasi-Judicial Entities Would Not Result in Savings or Increased EfficienciesManagement Services, Department of
04-36 6/04 Teacher Compensation Varies Among School Districts, But Daily Pay Compares Well to Other OccupationsEducation, Department of
04-35 5/04 Progress Report: Children’s Medical Services Working to Expand Privatization and Reduce Administrative InefficienciesHealth, Department of
04-34 5/04 Progress Report: Medicaid Disease Management Initiative Has Not Yet Met Cost-Savings and Health Outcomes ExpectationsHealth Care Administration, Agency for
04-33 5/04 Progress Report: Prepaid College Program Fiscally Sound, Additional Changes May Be AppropriatePrepaid College Board
04-32 5/04 Some School Districts Can Take Steps to Reduce Their Food Service Costs and Ensure Self-SufficiencyEducation, Department of
04-31 5/04 Progress Report: Enterprise Florida Addresses RecommendationsGovernor, Executive Office of the
04-30 5/04 Medicaid Field Offices Can Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness; State Could Outsource Some ActivitiesHealth Care Administration, Agency for
04-29 3/04 Progress Report: Consumer Protection Program Increases Some Fees; Some Revenue and Efficiency Opportunities RemainAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of
04-28 3/04 Progress Report: Program Improves Measurement and Interdiction Activities; Still Supports the State Fair and Dependent MarketsAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of
04-27 3/04 School Districts Identify Actions to Improve School Safety Through Self-AssessmentEducation, Department of
04-26 3/04 With Effective Planning, Accountability, and Oversight, School Districts Can Successfully Outsource ServicesEducation, Department of
04-25 3/04 Progress Report: No Lead Agencies Have Earned Excess Federal Funds for Several YearsChildren and Families, Department of
04-24 3/04 Florida’s Enterprise Zone Program Is Similar to Those of Other StatesGovernor, Executive Office of the
04-23 3/04 Most Bright Futures Scholars Perform Well and Remain Enrolled in CollegeEducation, Department of
04-22 3/04 Progress Report: Department Taking Steps to Improve State Agencies’ Recycling Efforts, Encouraging Commercial SectorEnvironmental Protection, Department of; Management Services, Department of
04-21 3/04 Progress Report: Miami-Dade County School District Not Yet Eligible for the State's Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
04-20 3/04 DBPR Tax Functions Are Appropriately Placed; Expanded Use of DOR Tax Processing System Should Be ConsideredRevenue, Department of
04-19 2/04 Workforce Development System OverviewChildren and Families, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
04-18 2/04 Progress Report: Brownfield Rehabilitation Is Increasing; More Time Needed to Assess Program’s ImpactEnvironmental Protection, Department of; Governor, Executive Office of the
04-17 2/04 Progress Report: Improvements to Death Care Industry Still NeededBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of; Financial Services, Department of
04-16 2/04 Maximizing Federal Revenue Could Help Offset Costly Services for Children with DisabilitiesChildren and Families, Department of; Education, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
04-15 2/04 DCF’s Lead Agency Readiness Assessment Process Meets Statutory Requirements, But Needs StrengtheningChildren and Families, Department of
04-14 2/04 Urban Infill and Redevelopment Areas Have Uncertain Impact But Perceived as UsefulCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
04-13 2/04 Program Review of the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan Fully Funded and Valuation Met StandardsManagement Services, Department of
04-12 2/04 Florida Universities’ Tuition and Fees Slightly Below Peers, But All Costs Consume a Higher Percentage of Family Median IncomeEducation, Department of
04-11 2/04 Progress Report: Florida’s Air Quality Is Good; Steps Taken to Address Air Toxics, But Plan Not DevelopedEnvironmental Protection, Department of
04-10 2/04 School Districts Can Take Steps to Substantially Reduce Their Transportation CostsEducation, Department of
04-09 1/04 Office of Public Counsel Involvement in Medical Malpractice Rate Review Process May Help Limit Rate IncreasesFinancial Services, Department of
04-08 1/04 Progress Report: Judicial System Achieves Savings by Implementing RecommendationsJudicial System
04-07 1/04 Court Fine and Fee Collections Can IncreaseJudicial System
04-06 1/04 School Readiness Program’s Potential Is Beginning to Be Realized, But Is Hindered by Partnership Guidance IssuesEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
04-05 1/04 Child Welfare Legal Services Should Be Provided by DCF or Private Law FirmsChildren and Families, Department of
04-04 1/04 NICA Eligibility Requirements Could Be Expanded, But the Costs Would Increase SignificantlyFinancial Services, Department of
04-03 1/04 DCF Needs to Improve Child Protection Staff Training and Clarify DCF and Lead Agency RolesChildren and Families, Department of
04-02 1/04 The Legislature Could Strengthen State’s Privatization Accountability RequirementsMulti-Agency
04-01 1/04 Progress Report: Florida Lottery Makes Progress by Implementing Many Justification Review RecommendationsLottery, Department of the