January 2018-December 2018

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
18-05 6/18 Service Model Slowly Adapting for Community CSE Victims; Limited Progress in Less Restrictive Placements for Dependent CSE VictimsChildren and Families, Department of; Juvenile Justice, Department of; Law Enforcement, Florida Department of
18-04 2/18 Veterans Florida Promotes Florida as a Veteran-Friendly State and Provides Numerous Services; Performance Measurement and Outreach Could Be ImprovedVeterans` Affairs, Department of
18-03 1/18 AHCA Continues to Expand Medicaid Program Integrity Efforts; Establishing Performance Criteria Would Be BeneficialHealth Care Administration, Agency for
18-02 1/18 Florida Growth Fund Investments Have Provided Over $300 Million in Distributions to the FRS; Fund Managers Continue to Seek New Investment Opportunities.Administration, State Board of
18-01 1/18 Review of the Florida Lottery, 2017Lottery, Department of the