January 2006-December 2006

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
06-77 12/06 Legislature Should Consider Lessons Learned If It Wishes to Create a New Microenterprise Development ProgramCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
06-76 12/06 Patient Safety Corporation Has Made Progress; Needs to Continue Developing Its InfrastructureHealth Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
06-75 12/06 Progress Report: Legislature Has Clarified Authority for Implementing Changes to Setting Higher Education Tuition and FeesBoard of Governors of the State University System; Education, Department of
06-74 12/06 Progress Report: DJJ Has Reallocated Beds to Better Meet Needs and Improved Placement ProcessesJuvenile Justice, Department of
06-73 12/06 Business Enterprise Program Needs to Modify Enterprises and Improve Vendor Training, Support, and MonitoringEducation, Department of
06-72 12/06 Further Contracting Enhancements Would Help DCF Correct Vendor NoncomplianceChildren and Families, Department of
06-71 11/06 Florida Has Implemented Promising Biotechnology Initiatives, But Faces ChallengesGovernor, Executive Office of the; Multi-Agency
06-70 11/06 Progress Report: OTTED Has Taken Steps to Enhance the Florida Resource DirectoryCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Governor, Executive Office of the; State, Department of
06-69 12/06 2006 Annotated Listing of Legislative RecommendationsOPPAGA
06-68 11/06 Progress Report: Use of Investment Returns Has Increased; Plan for Addressing Associated Risks Should Be DocumentedAdministration, State Board of; Management Services, Department of
06-67 10/06 Progress Report: PRIDE Is Tightening Its Business Practices but Needs Greater TransparencyCorrections, Department of
06-66 10/06 Third Grade Retention Policy Leading to Better Student Performance StatewideEducation, Department of
06-65 10/06 Public and Private High Schools Had About the Same Number of Student Athlete Recruiting ViolationsEducation, Department of
06-64 10/06 Progress Report: Professional Boards Encouraged to Increase Alternative Resolution, But Have Not Yet Modified GuidelinesBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of
06-63 9/06 Administrative Child Support Order Establishment Process Has Not Yet Produced All Expected BenefitsChildren and Families, Department of; Judicial System; Revenue, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
06-62 9/06 Aging Resource Center Initiative Has Not Moved Beyond the Pilot SitesChildren and Families, Department of; Elder Affairs, Department of
06-61 9/06 Scripps Funding Corporation Meets State’s Statutory and Contractual RequirementsGovernor, Executive Office of the
06-60 8/06 Progress Report: School Readiness Guidance and Communication Improve; Fiscal Issues, Evaluation Need AttentionChildren and Families, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
06-59 8/06 Progress Report: While Some Steps Have Been Taken, Office on Homelessness Needs to Enhance Efforts to Assist the Homeless Population Within the StateChildren and Families, Department of; Community Affairs, Department of; Corrections, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
06-58 8/06 Progress Report: Excess Hours Cost State $62 Million Annually; University Actions May Help Address ProblemBoard of Governors of the State University System; Education, Department of
06-57 8/06 Progress Report: Legislature Increases FRAG Awards; Residency Determination Rules ImprovedEducation, Department of
06-56 7/06 Technical Report: Most School District Career Academies Incorporated Nationally Recognized Core Elements in 2004-05Education, Department of
06-55 7/06 More Than Half of the State’s School Districts Have Career Academies, Most Operating in 2004-05 Incorporated Nationally Recognized Core ElementsEducation, Department of
06-54 7/06 APD Waiting List Should Be Improved for Agency’s Planning and Budgeting PurposesPersons with Disabilities, Agency for
06-53 6/06 Progress Report: Steps Have Been Taken to Improve Community Public Health Infrastructure Throughout FloridaHealth, Department of
06-52 6/06 Florida’s Postsecondary Institutions Employ a Variety of Support Services for StudentsEducation, Department of; Florida College System
06-51 6/06 Florida’s System for Handling Consumer Complaints Could Be ImprovedAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of; Legal Affairs, Department of; Multi-Agency
06-50 6/06 Child Welfare System Performance Mixed in First Year of Statewide Community-Based CareChildren and Families, Department of
06-49 5/06 Progress Report: Steps Taken to Maximize Federal Revenue for Exceptional Student Education ProgramEducation, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for
06-48 5/06 Student Tracking Systems Can Be Used to Enhance Graduation and Retention RatesEducation, Department of; Florida College System
06-47 5/06 Progress Report: Adult Protective Services Takes Steps to Improve Coordination with Local Law Enforcement AgenciesChildren and Families, Department of
06-46 5/06 Progress Report: Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Has Made Improvements, But Additional Steps Are Needed to Increase Efficiency, Customer ServiceBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of
06-45 5/06 The Nursing Home Diversion Program Has Successfully Delayed Nursing Home EntryElder Affairs, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for
06-44 5/06 Progress Report: Collier County School District Eligible for the State’s Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
06-43 5/06 Technical Report: Activity and Service Fee Use Varies Among State Universities and Community CollegesEducation, Department of; Florida College System
06-42 5/06 Student Activity and Service Fees Are Spent to Benefit the Entire Student BodyEducation, Department of; Florida College System
06-41 4/06 Health and Hygiene Costs Higher for Girls’ Juvenile Justice Residential ProgramsJuvenile Justice, Department of
06-40 4/06 Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce Remediation Rates; 78% of Community College Students, 10% of University Students Need RemediationEducation, Department of; Florida College System
06-39 4/06 While Improving, People First Still Lacks Intended Functionality, Limitations Increase State Agency Workload and CostsManagement Services, Department of
06-38 4/06 Florida Retirement System Pension Plan Fully Funded and Valuation Met StandardAdministration, State Board of; Management Services, Department of
06-37 4/06 Several Deficiencies Hinder the Supervision of Offenders in the Community Corrections ProgramCorrections, Department of
06-36 4/06 Users Satisfied with FIRN2; Options Exist for Future Services to Educational EntitiesEducation, Department of
06-35 4/06 Steps Have Been Taken to Enhance State Acquisition Management, but Further Improvement Is NeededManagement Services, Department of
06-34 3/06 Redirection as Effective as Residential Delinquency Programs, Achieved Substantial Cost AvoidanceJuvenile Justice, Department of
06-33 3/06 Several Factors Likely Contributed to APD Funding Surplus in Fiscal Year 2004-05Persons with Disabilities, Agency for
06-32 4/06 Progress Report: Division of Risk Management Performs Well, But Additional Steps Could Be Taken to Reduce Losses and Contain CostsFinancial Services, Department of
06-31 3/06 Higher Education Facility Construction Costs Are Reasonable; Some Improvements Could Maximize Use of Campus Classroom SpaceEducation, Department of
06-30 3/06 State Higher Education Facility Planning Process Is Designed Reasonably Well; Current Formulas May Inaccurately Portray Projected NeedsEducation, Department of
06-29 3/06 Florida’s Certificate of Need Process Ensures Qualified Hospice Programs; Performance Reporting Is Important to Assess Hospice QualityElder Affairs, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for
06-28 3/06 Workforce Estimating Conference Potential Not Realized; Barriers Can Be AddressedEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Governor, Executive Office of the; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
06-27 3/06 State’s High School Acceleration Programs Are Funded Through a Variety of SourcesEducation, Department of
06-26 3/06 Most Students Receive College Credit for Accelerated Courses; Programs Reduce University Class TimeEducation, Department of
06-25 3/06 Most Acceleration Students Perform Well, But Outcomes Vary by Program TypeEducation, Department of
06-24 3/06 Acceleration Programs Provide Benefits But the Costs Are Relatively ExpensiveEducation, Department of
06-23 3/06 Enhanced Detection and Stronger Use of Sanctions Could Improve AHCA’s Ability to Detect and Deter Overpayments to ProvidersHealth Care Administration, Agency for
06-22 3/06 Community Colleges and Universities Have Academic Freedom Policies; Relatively Few Grievances FiledEducation, Department of; Florida College System
06-21 3/06 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Corporation Made Progress But Needs More Narrow FocusChildren and Families, Department of; Corrections, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for; Juvenile Justice, Department of
06-20 3/06 Aging and Disability Pilot Sites Are Making Progress; Future of Other Centers UncertainChildren and Families, Department of; Elder Affairs, Department of
06-19 2/06 FDLE’s Services Consistent With Its Mission; Salaries Vary; and Staffing Levels Comparable to Other Law Enforcement AgenciesLaw Enforcement, Florida Department of
06-18 2/06 The Legislature Has Several Options for Reducing the State’s Road Right-of-Way CostsTransportation, Department of
06-17 2/06 MAXIMUS’s Prior Service Authorization Process Meets Contract Requirements, But Improvements Are NeededPersons with Disabilities, Agency for
06-16 2/06 The Department of Children and Families Has Taken Steps to Address 2005 Contracting LawChildren and Families, Department of
06-15 2/06 Parole Commission Operations Consistent with Its Mission; Clemency Workload Needs to Be AddressedCorrections, Department of; Florida Parole Commission; Governor, Executive Office of the; Judicial System
06-14 2/06 Early Steps Faces Service Challenges; Has Not Used All Available Federal FundsHealth, Department of; Persons with Disabilities, Agency for
06-13 2/06 Effective Community Programs Could Reduce Commitments of Girls to Residential ProgramsJuvenile Justice, Department of
06-12 2/06 Centralizing DCF Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs Produced BenefitsChildren and Families, Department of
06-11 2/06 Design of Florida’s Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program Should Be ReconsideredHealth, Department of
06-10 2/06 Service Use for Nursing Home Diversion Waiver Clients Depends on Living SituationElder Affairs, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for
06-09 1/06 Eliminating FCHR Would Limit Options and Increase Costs to Citizens Seeking Remedy for DiscriminationManagement Services, Department of
06-08 1/06 Educators Professional Liability Insurance Program Provides Limited BenefitsEducation, Department of; Management Services, Department of
06-07 1/06 Inflated Pricing and Confidential Information Prevent Medicaid from Ensuring Lowest Prescription Drug PricesHealth Care Administration, Agency for
06-06 1/06 Workspace Management Initiative Can Benefit State, But DMS Not Taking Adequate Steps to Ensure Goals Are MetManagement Services, Department of
06-05 1/06 Additional Improvements Are Needed as DCF Redesigns Its Lead Agency Oversight SystemsChildren and Families, Department of
06-04 1/06 Florida’s Lottery Responding to Revenue, Efficiency, and Minority Retailer ChallengesLottery, Department of the
06-03 1/06 Florida’s State, County, Local Authorities Are Implementing Jessica Lunsford ActLaw Enforcement, Florida Department of
06-02 1/06 Nurse Licensure Compact Would Produce Some Benefits But Not Resolve the Nurse ShortageHealth, Department of
06-01 1/06 The Legislature Could Consider Several Options for Establishing More Uniform Regional BoundariesTransportation, Department of; Water Management Districts