January 2013-December 2013

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
13-FRS 8/13 Actuarial Review of the July 1, 2012 Actuarial Valuation of the Florida Retirement SystemManagement Services, Department of
13-12 12/13 Most Pretrial Release Programs Continue to Be Compliant with Statutory Reporting RequirementsJudicial System
13-11 12/13 Florida Growth Fund Investments Add Jobs and Result in Distributions to the Retirement FundAdministration, State Board of
13-10 10/13 Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics Was Created Using Several Best Practices; Some Processes Could Be EnhancedOther (e.g., commission, local, special district)
13-09 6/13 Supplemental Report: Florida Nursing Education Programs 2011-12Board of Governors of the State University System; Education, Department of; Health, Department of
13-08 4/13 Prison Volunteer Survey Indicates Overall Satisfaction and Potential for Expanded RolesCorrections, Department of
13-07 3/13 Profile of Florida’s Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services WaiversChildren and Families, Department of; Elder Affairs, Department of; Health Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of; Persons with Disabilities, Agency for
13-06 3/13 Florida’s Biotechnology Industry Is Expanding; Cluster Growth Continues to Slowly ProgressEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Enterprise Florida, Inc.
13-05 2/13 FRS Pension Plan Investment Returns Are Similar to Those of Other States; SBA Is Increasing Alternative InvestmentsAdministration, State Board of
13-04 2/13 Juvenile and Adult Incompetent to Proceed Cases and CostsChildren and Families, Department of; Judicial System; Persons with Disabilities, Agency for
13-03 1/13 Florida’s Nursing Education Programs Continued to Expand in 2012 with Increases in Program Capacity, Student Enrollment, and GraduatesBoard of Governors of the State University System; Education, Department of; Health, Department of
13-02 1/13 Lottery Revenue Has Increased Over the Past Year; Options Remain to Enhance TransfersLottery, Department of the
13-01 1/13 Florida Growth Fund Investments Have Increased and Recipients Report Employment Growth and Expanded Business ActivitiesAdministration, State Board of