January 2008-December 2008

Report NumberRelease DateTitleAgency
08-75 12/08 Pretrial Release Programs Vary Across the State; New Reporting Requirements Pose ChallengesJudicial System
08-74 12/08 Options Exist for Restructuring the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Fisheries Outreach and Education ProgramsFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
08-73 12/08 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Public Relations and Outreach Activities Similar to Other Agencies; Options Presented for Restructuring or DownsizingFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
08-72 12/08 Economically Targeted Investment Program Under DevelopmentAdministration, State Board of; Management Services, Department of
08-71 12/08 While DMS Has Improved Monitoring, It Needs to Strengthen Private Prison Oversight and ContractsCorrections, Department of; Management Services, Department of
08-70 12/08 Student Participation in Acceleration Programs Has Increased; Legislature Has Taken Steps to Reduce Program CostsEducation, Department of
08-69 12/08 2008 Annotated Listing of Legislative RecommendationsMulti-Agency; OPPAGA
08-68 12/08 The Corporate Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program Saves State DollarsEducation, Department of
08-67 12/08 State Food Safety Programs Should Improve Performance and Financial Self-SufficiencyAgriculture and Consumer Services, Department of; Business and Professional Regulation, Department of; Health, Department of
08-66 12/08 Agency Electronic Records Management Has Improved, But Statewide Strategic Plan Still NeededMulti-Agency; State, Department of
08-65 12/08 Black Business Investment Act Is Being Implemented, But Progress Was Slow in Distributing Loan Program FundingGovernor, Executive Office of the
08-64 11/08 Medicaid Reform: Reform Provider Network Requirements Same as Traditional Medicaid; Improvements Needed to Ensure Beneficiaries Have Access to Specialty ProvidersHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-63 11/08 The PSC and Legislature Could Consider Several Options to Enhance Services and Consumer ProtectionPublic Service Commission
08-62 11/08 Expedited State Review Pilot Program Working Well But Faces ChallengesCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
08-61 10/08 Early Learning Coalitions’ Administration and Program Support Expenses Vary Widely; Opinions Divided on Coalition EfficiencyEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
08-60 10/08 Sex Offender Registration and Public Notification Improved; Some Aspects of the Process Could Be StreamlinedCorrections, Department of
08-59 10/08 Legislature Overhauled Florida’s System of Career and Professional AcademiesEducation, Department of
08-58 10/08 Pilot to Waive Fees for Delinquents Has Low Enrollment and Is Not Teaching Intended SkillsJuvenile Justice, Department of
08-57 10/08 Less Costly Alternatives to the Executive Aircraft Pool Exist for State Officials and EmployeesManagement Services, Department of
08-56 10/08 DJJ Should Use Evidence-Based Practices to Address Juvenile Gang InvolvementJuvenile Justice, Department of
08-55 9/08 Medicaid Reform: Oversight to Ensure Beneficiaries Receive Needed Prescription Drugs Can Be Improved; Information Difficult for Beneficiaries to Locate and CompareHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-54 9/08 Medicaid Reform: Risk-Adjusted Rates Used to Pay Medicaid Reform Health Plans Could Be Used to Pay All Medicaid Capitated PlansHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-53 9/08 Florida’s Current Regulatory Framework Creates Challenges for State’s Title Insurance RegulationFinancial Services, Department of
08-52 9/08 DCF Takes Action to Improve Implementation of State’s Community-Based Care InitiativesChildren and Families, Department of
08-51 9/08 All But One Aging Resource Center Is Fully ImplementedElder Affairs, Department of
08-50 9/08 Workforce Estimating Conference Streamlined; University Funding Is Not Directly Tied to Workforce DemandBoard of Governors of the State University System; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Florida College System; Governor, Executive Office of the; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
08-49 8/08 Agency for Persons with Disabilities Has Made Several Changes to the Prior Service Authorization ProcessPersons with Disabilities, Agency for
08-48 8/08 Department Process Changes Resulted in Fewer Administrative Child Support Orders Than ExpectedRevenue, Department of
08-47 7/08 Steps Taken to Reduce the Need for College Remediation; Accountability Processes Should Be StrengthenedEducation, Department of
08-46 7/08 Medicaid Reform: Choice Counseling Goal Met, But Some Beneficiaries Experience Difficulties Selecting a Health Plan That Best Meets Their NeedsHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-45 7/08 Medicaid Reform: Beneficiaries Earn Enhanced Benefits Credits But Spend Only a Small ProportionHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-44 7/08 Early Steps Has Revised Reimbursement Rates But Needs to Assess Impact of Expanded Outreach on Child ParticipationHealth Care Administration, Agency for; Health, Department of
08-43 7/08 The Legislature and Department of Management Services Have Taken Steps to Improve Acquisition ManagementManagement Services, Department of
08-42 6/08 The Department of Education Has Taken Initial Steps to Improve Student Progression DataEducation, Department of
08-41 6/08 Redirection Program Achieves Lower Recidivism and a $14.4-Million Cost Savings Compared to DJJ CommitmentJuvenile Justice, Department of
08-40 6/08 Medicaid Reform: Two-Thirds of the Initial Pilot Counties' Beneficiaries Are Enrolled in Reform PlansHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-39 6/08 DCF Improves Contract Oversight of Lead Agencies; Fiscal, Quality, and Performance Assessment Are Undergoing ChangeChildren and Families, Department of
08-38 6/08 Medicaid Reform: More Managed Care Options Available; Differences Limited by Federal and State RequirementsHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-37 6/08 Medicaid Reform: Few Beneficiaries Have Participated in the Opt-Out ProgramHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-36 6/08 Medical Education Funding Is Complex; Better Expenditure Data Is NeededBoard of Governors of the State University System
08-35 6/08 The Governance Structure of Florida’s Early Education Programs Presents Some Administrative ChallengesEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
08-34 5/08 The Business Enterprise Program Has Improved Vendor Contract Opportunities, Training, Support, and MonitoringEducation, Department of
08-33 5/08 Further Actions Need to Be Taken to Improve the State’s Consumer Complaint SystemMulti-Agency
08-32 5/08 Department of Children and Families Has Strengthened Its Contract Oversight SystemChildren and Families, Department of
08-31 5/08 DMS Has Improved People First, But Some System Components Are Still Not Fully ImplementedManagement Services, Department of
08-30 4/08 Program Review: Florida Retirement System Pension Plan Fully Funded and Valuation Met StandardManagement Services, Department of
08-29 4/08 Options Exist to Address the Rising Cost of Textbooks for Florida’s College StudentsEducation, Department of; Florida College System
08-28 4/08 Volusia County School District Eligible for the State’s Seal of Best Financial ManagementEducation, Department of; School Districts
08-27 4/08 Responsibility for the Education of Exceptional Students in Residential Treatment Facilities Needs ClarificationChildren and Families, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Juvenile Justice, Department of; Persons with Disabilities, Agency for; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
08-26 4/08 Dividing Large Florida School Districts Would Pose Financial, Legal, Other Complex ChallengesEducation, Department of
08-25 4/08 Postsecondary Student Use of the Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students (FACTS) Is LowEducation, Department of
08-24 4/08 Steps Taken to Implement the Exceptional Student Education Funding Matrix, But More Monitoring NeededEducation, Department of
08-23 4/08 61% of Voluntary Prekindergarten Children Are Ready for Kindergarten; Accountability Process Needs ImprovementEconomic Opportunity, Department of; Education, Department of; Workforce Innovation, Agency for
08-22 4/08 DMS Has Improved State Leasing Processes, Additional Performance Measures NeededManagement Services, Department of; Multi-Agency
08-21 4/08 Several Steps Could Be Taken to Improve the Construction Complaint Process and Increase Homeowner ProtectionBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of
08-20 4/08 Corrections’ Contraband Effort Is Sound; Cell Phone Penalties and Warden Consistency Are NeededCorrections, Department of
08-19 4/08 Lottery Profits Continue to Increase; Options Available to Enhance Transfers to EducationLottery, Department of the
08-18 4/08 Privatization Has Helped Improve Elevator Safety; Additional State Oversight Is NeededBusiness and Professional Regulation, Department of
08-17 3/08 Incompetent to Proceed Adjudications IncreasingChildren and Families, Department of; Judicial System; Persons with Disabilities, Agency for
08-16 3/08 Alternative Placements for the Correctional Education Program Would Be More CostlyCorrections, Department of; Education, Department of
08-15 3/08 APD Should Take Steps to Ensure New Needs Assessment and Individual Budget Process Is Timely and EffectiveHealth Care Administration, Agency for; Persons with Disabilities, Agency for
08-14 3/08 Statewide Implementation of Aging Resource Center Initiative Is Substantially CompleteChildren and Families, Department of; Elder Affairs, Department of
08-13 3/08 ACCESS Improved Productivity; Additional Refinements Would Better Manage WorkloadChildren and Families, Department of
08-12S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of State Advisory Committees AssessmentState, Department of
08-12 3/08 Several Alternatives Could Be Used to Reduce Increasing Imprisonment of Persons Driving with Suspended LicensesCorrections, Department of
08-11S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of Management Services Advisory Committees AssessmentManagement Services, Department of
08-11 3/08 Inconsistent Implementation of Common Prerequisites Creates Barriers to Effective 2+2 ArticulationBoard of Governors of the State University System; Education, Department of
08-10S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of Community Affairs Advisory Committees AssessmentCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
08-10 3/08 The Delays in Screening Sexually Violent Predators Increase Costs; Treatment Facility Security EnhancedChildren and Families, Department of; Corrections, Department of
08-09S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of Children and Families Advisory Committees AssessmentChildren and Families, Department of
08-09 2/08 Pilot to Outsource CBC Program Oversight Encountered Setbacks; Effectiveness UnknownChildren and Families, Department of
08-08S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of State OverviewState, Department of
08-08 2/08 AHCA Making Progress But Stronger Detection, Sanctions, and Managed Care Oversight NeededHealth Care Administration, Agency for
08-07S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of Management Services OverviewManagement Services, Department of
08-07 2/08 DJJ Should Better Identify At-Risk Youth, Use Proven Prevention Models, and Revise Funding PracticesJuvenile Justice, Department of
08-06S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of Community Affairs OverviewCommunity Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
08-06 1/08 Additional Strategies Would Help Address the Barriers to Successful AdoptionsChildren and Families, Department of
08-05S 12/08 Sunset Review: Department of Children and Families OverviewChildren and Families, Department of
08-05 1/08 Lead Agencies Structure Their Adoption Programs in a Variety of WaysChildren and Families, Department of
08-04S 11/08 Sunset Review: OPPAGA Reports on the Department of State 2000-2007State, Department of
08-04 1/08 Steps Taken to Improve Charter School Financial Management and Performance Accountability; Additional Action NeededEducation, Department of
08-03S 11/08 Sunset Review: OPPAGA Reports on the Department of Management Services 2000-2008Management Services, Department of
08-03 1/08 Supplemental Report: Profiles of SUCCEED, Florida! Grant RecipientsEducation, Department of
08-02S 11/08 Sunset Review: OPPAGA Reports on the Department of Community Affairs 2001-2007Community Affairs, Department of; Economic Opportunity, Department of
08-02 1/08 SUCCEED, Florida! Grants Show Mixed Results Under Current Funding StructureEducation, Department of
08-01S 11/08 Sunset Review: OPPAGA Reports on the Department of Children and Families 2000-2008Children and Families, Department of
08-01 1/08 Florida’s Gifted Student Population Grew Faster Than the Overall School EnrollmentEducation, Department of