Workforce Innovation, Agency for

Report NumberRelease DateTitle
12-06 2/12 VPK Teachers’ Education Level Does Not Substantially Influence Kindergarten Readiness Scores; Program and Provider Differences Affect Readiness Rates
10-57 11/10 Steps Taken to Improve the VPK Program; Additional Actions Needed To Increase Program Accountability
10-34 4/10 School Districts and Florida College System Institutions Frequently Change Their Career Education Programs
10-26 3/10 Florida Should Not Use the Targeted Occupations Lists as the Sole Criteria to Fund Career Education Programs
10-18 1/10 Public Career Education Programs Differ From Private Programs on Their Admission Requirements, Costs, Financial Aid Availability, and Student Outcomes
09-33 8/09 Limited Information Available to Assess Statewide Demand and Outcomes for After School Programs
08-61 10/08 Early Learning Coalitions’ Administration and Program Support Expenses Vary Widely; Opinions Divided on Coalition Efficiency
08-50 9/08 Workforce Estimating Conference Streamlined; University Funding Is Not Directly Tied to Workforce Demand
08-35 6/08 The Governance Structure of Florida’s Early Education Programs Presents Some Administrative Challenges
08-27 4/08 Responsibility for the Education of Exceptional Students in Residential Treatment Facilities Needs Clarification
08-23 4/08 61% of Voluntary Prekindergarten Children Are Ready for Kindergarten; Accountability Process Needs Improvement
06-63 9/06 Administrative Child Support Order Establishment Process Has Not Yet Produced All Expected Benefits
06-60 8/06 Progress Report: School Readiness Guidance and Communication Improve; Fiscal Issues, Evaluation Need Attention
06-28 3/06 Workforce Estimating Conference Potential Not Realized; Barriers Can Be Addressed
04-68 9/04 Progress Report: Workforce System Still Needs Financial Self-Sufficiency Performance Standards
04-19 2/04 Workforce Development System Overview
04-06 1/04 School Readiness Program’s Potential Is Beginning to Be Realized, But Is Hindered by Partnership Guidance Issues
03-75 12/03 School Readiness Coalitions’ Progress Varies in Implementing the Program Over Two Years
03-20 3/03 Progress Report: OPPAGA Recommendation Adopted; Economic Development Toolkit Was Implemented
03-10 1/03 Review of the Workforce Development System
03-05 1/03 Federal Law Restricts the Outsourcing of Many Unemployment Compensation Tax Collection Services
02-61 11/02 Progress Report: Child Care Program Implements Recommendations to Improve Licensing and Enforcement Activities
02-48 9/02 Progress Report: Legislature Improves Welfare Reform in Florida
02-07 1/02 School Readiness Program's Potential Not Realized With Critical Issues Unresolved
01-25 5/01 Slow Startup, Lack of Structure Jeopardize Toolkit for Economic Development's Implementation and Funding
99-28 1/00 Costs of the Department of Labor and Employment Security's Workforce Development Programs
98-23 12/98 Follow-Up Report on the Job Service Program Department of Labor and Employment Security
97-14 11/97 Follow-up Report on the Unemployment Compensation Program Administered by the Department of Labor & Employment Security
96-34 1/97 Supplemental Analyses Job Service Program Department of Labor & Employment Security
96-29 1/97 Review of the Job Service Program Department of Labor & Employment Security
95-37 2/96 Review of the Unemployment Compensation Program Administered by the Department of Labor and Employment Security
12160 8/93 Special Review of the Workers' Compensation Program Administered by the Department of Labor and Employment Security