Report NumberRelease DateTitle
18-PETRO 12/18 Feasibility Analysis for Petroleum Distribution Centers
17-CRJ 5/17 Contracted Study: An Examination of Florida’s Prison Population Trends
14-08 2/14 Florida’s Graduate Medical Education System
14-04 1/14 Status of Florida’s Efforts to Address Challenges to Business Establishment and Expansion
11-23 12/11 2011 Annotated Listing of Legislative Recommendations
11-16 4/11 Centralizing Vehicle Fleet Operations and Implementing Cost-Saving Strategies Could Reduce State Spending
11-14 3/11 State Agency Travel Costs Are Down; Some Options Remain to Further Reduce Expenditures
11-13 3/11 Centralizing Aviation Operations and Implementing Cost-Saving Strategies Could Reduce State Spending
10-59 12/10 2010 Annotated Listing of Legislative Recommendations
10-13 1/10 2009 Annotated Listing of Legislative Recommendations
10-04 1/10 Some Alternative Work Arrangements Can Reduce Costs and Provide Employee Benefits
09-43 12/09 Several Options Exist for Streamlining State Agency Contact Centers
08-69 12/08 2008 Annotated Listing of Legislative Recommendations
08-66 12/08 Agency Electronic Records Management Has Improved, But Statewide Strategic Plan Still Needed
08-33 5/08 Further Actions Need to Be Taken to Improve the State’s Consumer Complaint System
08-22 4/08 DMS Has Improved State Leasing Processes, Additional Performance Measures Needed
07-46 12/07 2007 Annotated Listing of Legislative Recommendations
07-39 9/07 Progress Report: The Legislature Has Taken Steps to Promote the Self-Sufficiency of Regulatory Programs
07-28 4/07 State Agencies Have Increased Their Use of Other Personal Services Employees
07-12S2 6/07 Sunset Review: OPPAGA Reports on Multi-Agencies 2000 - 2007
07-06 1/07 State Agency Electronic Records Management Could Be Improved
06-71 11/06 Florida Has Implemented Promising Biotechnology Initiatives, But Faces Challenges
06-51 6/06 Florida’s System for Handling Consumer Complaints Could Be Improved
05-57 12/05 Legislature Should Consider Uniform Process to Determine Appropriate Regulatory Program Funding Levels
05-53 11/05 State Printing Expenditures Have Decreased, But Additional Steps Could Produce More Savings
05-35 5/05 More Uniform Methodology Is Needed for State Agencies' Unit Cost Information
04-74 11/04 2004 Annotated Listing of Recommendations
04-64 8/04 Progress Report: Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System Nears Full Statewide Implementation; Additional State Funds Will Be Necessary
04-02 1/04 The Legislature Could Strengthen State’s Privatization Accountability Requirements
03-77 12/03 2003 Annotated Listing of Recommendations (OPPAGA Recommendations for Legislative Consideration/Policy Options with Fiscal Impact)
03-19 3/03 Measuring the Size and Cost of Florida State and Local Government
03-04 1/03 Fiscal Impact Report: Recommendations Propose $1.4 Billion in Annual State Agency Impact and $2.1 Billion in Long-Term School District Savings $61.3 Million Implemented in Past Year
02-71 12/02 An Altered Credit Allocation and a Combined Dispatch System Would Better Support State Law Enforcement Radio System
02-50 10/02 Progress Report: Better Contracting Practices Would Aid the Construction Industry in Florida
02-31 5/02 Improved State Vehicle Management Could Save Florida up to $2.4 Million Annually
02-26 5/02 Competition Should Drive Down State Costs for Online Legal Research
02-14 3/02 State's "Actual" Workforce Is Increasing Primarily Due to Growth In Outside Jobs
01-16 3/01 Government "Outside" Workforce Exceeds Number of State Personnel System Employees
01-05 1/01 Florida's Unit Cost Initiative Shows Promise, But Needs Development
99-34 2/00 Review of the Workforce Development System
99-01 8/99 Bringing Administrative and Support Functions Under Performance-Based Program Budgeting
98-78 4/99 Estimating the Costs of State Regulatory Program and Activities: Possible Approaches
98-13 9/98 How Florida Compares: An Approach for Analyzing Government Staffing Levels
98-12 9/98 Follow-Up Report on the Use of Assigned State Vehicles and Personal Vehicle Use by the State Employees
96-84 5/97 Review of State Vehicle Fleet Purchasing
96-12 10/96 Review of Personal Vehicle Use By State Employees
96-08 9/96 Review of State Vehicle Maintenance
96-03 7/96 Review of the Use of Assigned State Vehicles