Governor, Executive Office of the

Report NumberRelease DateTitle
11-20 11/11 Research Commercialization Matching Grant Program Underway; Additional Performance Data Needed
11-15 4/11 Over 600 Brownfield Acres Cleaned Up; Businesses Take Advantage of Program Incentives
10-05 1/10 Biotechnology Clusters Developing Slowly; Startup Assistance May Encourage Growth
09-41 12/09 Stronger Reporting Needed for the Black Business Loan Program; Some Statutory Provisions Outdated
09-36 10/09 Scripps Florida Funding Corporation Complies with Requirements and Should Be Continued
09-18 3/09 Some Steps Have Been Taken to Retain and Expand Florida’s Marine Industry Businesses
08-65 12/08 Black Business Investment Act Is Being Implemented, But Progress Was Slow in Distributing Loan Program Funding
08-50 9/08 Workforce Estimating Conference Streamlined; University Funding Is Not Directly Tied to Workforce Demand
07-05 1/07 Legislature Should Consider Options for the Role of the Florida Black Business Investment Board
06-71 11/06 Florida Has Implemented Promising Biotechnology Initiatives, But Faces Challenges
06-70 11/06 Progress Report: OTTED Has Taken Steps to Enhance the Florida Resource Directory
06-61 9/06 Scripps Funding Corporation Meets State’s Statutory and Contractual Requirements
06-28 3/06 Workforce Estimating Conference Potential Not Realized; Barriers Can Be Addressed
06-15 2/06 Parole Commission Operations Consistent with Its Mission; Clemency Workload Needs to Be Addressed
05-54 11/05 The Legislature Has Several Options Available for Enhancing Rural Enterprise Zones
05-37 6/05 Research Tool Available for Identifying and Examining Distressed Areas Within Florida
05-32 5/05 Locals Find State Urban Revitalization Programs Useful; More Centralized Program Information Would Be Helpful
04-83 12/04 Several Issues Important in Redesigning Business Recruitment and Expansion Tax Refund Programs
04-82 12/04 Progress Report: VISIT FLORIDA Improving Performance Measures and Expanded Rural Partnership Activities
04-31 5/04 Progress Report: Enterprise Florida Addresses Recommendations
04-24 3/04 Florida’s Enterprise Zone Program Is Similar to Those of Other States
04-18 2/04 Progress Report: Brownfield Rehabilitation Is Increasing; More Time Needed to Assess Program’s Impact
03-64 12/03 Enterprise Zone Pilot Project Incentives Not Widely Used, But Progress Made in Revitalizing Project Area
03-20 3/03 Progress Report: OPPAGA Recommendation Adopted; Economic Development Toolkit Was Implemented
03-07 1/03 VISIT FLORIDA Performs Well and Its Funding Should Be Continued; Outcome Measures Should Be Improved
02-60 11/02 Progress Report: Space Financing Corporation Has Addressed OPPAGA Recommendations
02-59 11/02 Statutes Authorizing Technology Commercialization and Development Initiatives Should Be Re-Enacted
02-08 2/02 Slow Progress Has Been Made in Cleaning Up and Redeveloping Contaminated Brownfield Sites
01-62 12/01 Concerns Over Enterprise Florida's Performance, Services to Distressed Areas Point to a Need to Consider Several Alternatives for Its Future Role
01-25 5/01 Slow Startup, Lack of Structure Jeopardize Toolkit for Economic Development's Implementation and Funding
01-17 3/01 Use of Electricity Sales Tax Exemption Expands; Exemption Should Be Continued
01-11 2/01 Space Financing Corporation Is Still Gearing Up and Needs to Develop a Business Plan
99-55 6/00 Progress Report: The Florida Export Finance Corporation Has Improved Its Performance Measurement System
99-43 3/00 Use of Enterprise Zone Incentives Has Increased, But Challenges Continue
99-34 2/00 Review of the Workforce Development System
99-21 12/99 WAGES Employment Projects Initiative Must Address Its Design and Implementation Problems
99-16 12/99 Continue Funding, But Substantiate That Program Activities Increase Florida Tourism
99-11 10/99 Progress Report: Florida Entertainment Commissioner
98-44 1/99 Review of the International Trade and Economic Development Board of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
98-34 12/98 Review of the Workforce Development Board of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
98-33 12/98 Review of the Enterprise Florida, Inc. Capital Development Board's Cypress Equity Fund
98-32 12/98 Review of the Capital Development Board of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
98-31 12/98 Review of Private Sector Matching Contributions to Enterprise Florida, Inc.
98-30 12/98 Review of the Technology Development Board of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
98-17 10/98 Review of the Expedited Permitting Process Coordinated by the Governor's Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development
98-08 8/98 Program Evaluation & Justification Review Support Program Administered by the Department of Management Services
98-03 7/98 Follow-Up Report on the Enterprise Florida Jobs and Education Partnership
97-59 3/98 Review of the Florida Export Finance Corporation
97-29 1/98 Follow-Up Report on the Enterprise Florida Capital Partnership
97-28 1/98 Follow-Up Report on the Enterprise Florida Innovation Partnership and the Florida Technology Research Investment Fund
96-60 2/97 Review of the Florida Entertainment Commission
96-54 2/97 Follow-up Report on the Review of the Job Training Partnership Act
96-31 1/97 Review of the Florida Sports Foundation
96-19 11/96 Review of State-Supported Business Loan Programs
95-17 12/95 Summary Review of Enterprise Florida
95-16 12/95 Review of Enterprise Florida Jobs and Education Partnership
95-09 10/95 Review of the Enterprise Florida Capital Partnership
95-08 10/95 Review of the Florida Technology Research Investment Fund
95-07 10/95 Review of the Enterprise Florida Innovation Partnership
94-41 3/95 Performance Review of the Job Training Partnership Act Administered by the Department of Labor and Employment Security
94-03 9/94 Performance Audit of the International Activities of the State of Florida
10941 10/87 Performance Audit of the Hospital Cost Containment Program Administered by the Hospital Cost Containment Board
10363 4/84 Performance Audit of the Business and Community Development Programs of the Department of Commerce
10214 5/83 Performance Audit of the Energy Conservation Information Component of the State Energy Conservation Program (Office of the Governor and others)