Financial Services, Department of

Report NumberRelease DateTitle
17-04 1/17 The State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF) Should Be Retained; Some Modifications Could Be Made
11-25 12/11 Steps Could Be Taken to Reduce the Public Hurricane Loss Projection Model’s Reliance on State Funding
10-06 1/10 Public Adjuster Representation in Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Claims Extends the Time to Reach a Settlement and Also Increases Payments to Citizens’ Policyholders
09-08 2/09 Increased Public Awareness of the Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program Would Contribute to the Program’s Success
08-53 9/08 Florida’s Current Regulatory Framework Creates Challenges for State’s Title Insurance Regulation
07-08 2/07 Legislature Could Consider Options to Address Pharmacy Benefit Manager Business Practices
06-32 4/06 Progress Report: Division of Risk Management Performs Well, But Additional Steps Could Be Taken to Reduce Losses and Contain Costs
05-35 5/05 More Uniform Methodology Is Needed for State Agencies' Unit Cost Information
04-49 7/04 The State’s Risk Management Program Could Be Authorized to Do More to Protect Florida’s Assets
04-17 2/04 Progress Report: Improvements to Death Care Industry Still Needed
04-09 1/04 Office of Public Counsel Involvement in Medical Malpractice Rate Review Process May Help Limit Rate Increases
04-04 1/04 NICA Eligibility Requirements Could Be Expanded, But the Costs Would Increase Significantly
03-65 12/03 State’s Property Insurance Program Balances Risk and Cost of Insurance
03-14 2/03 Progress Report: Division of State Fire Marshal Implements Several OPPAGA Recommendations
02-21 3/02 Florida's Regulation of the Death Care Industry Has Many Weaknesses, Results of a Joint Examination Conducted by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability and the Auditor General
01-67 12/01 Fire Department Coordination Beneficial; Merger Guidelines Would Be Helpful
01-31 6/01 Fire Marshal Program Performs Well; Boiler Safety Function, Measures Need Improvement
01-15 3/01 Progress Report: The Workers' Compensation Program Makes Progress by Implementing Recommendations
01-01 1/01 Financial Accountability for Public Funds Program Is Performing Well
99-13 11/99 Progress Report: Unclaimed Property Program's Alternative Owner Notification Means Is Cost-Effective
98-76 3/99 Justification Review for the Safety and Workers' Compensation Program
98-48 2/99 PB2 Performance Report for the Safety & Workers' Compensation Program
97-25 12/97 Review of the Division of Safety, Department of Labor and Employment Security
97-24 12/97 Review of the Abandoned Property Program Within the Department of Banking and Finance
96-37 1/97 Follow-up Report on the Review of the Special Disability Trust Fund Administrated by the Department of Labor & Employment Security
94-20 12/94 Performance Audit of the Special Disability Trust Fund Administered by the Department of Labor and Employment Security
94-16 12/94 Review of the Comptroller's Pre-Audit Function Administered by the Department of Banking and Finance
12316 6/94 Performance Audit of the Department of Banking and Finance's Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Reporting Systems
12200 12/93 Performance Audit of the Regulation of Health Maintenance Organizations and Other Prepaid Health Service Plans Administered by the Department of Insurance