Recently Published Reports

Report No. 19-02 Florida Growth Fund Investments Have Provided More Than $363 Million in FRS Distributions; SBA Added a New Fund Manager and a $125 Million Tranche of Capital to the Program (January 2019)
Report No. 19-01 Diverting Low-Risk Offenders from Florida Prisons (January 2019)
Report No. 18-RAIL Florida Passenger Rail System Study (November 2018)
Report No. 18-PETRO Feasibility Analysis for Petroleum Distribution Centers (December 2018)
Report No. 18-08 Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Triennial Review - 2018 (December 2018)
Report No. 18-07 Florida Economic Development Program Evaluations - Year 6 (December 2018)
Report No. 18-06 County Pretrial Release Programs: Calendar Year 2017 (November 2018)