Recently Published Reports

Report No. 17-CRJ Contracted Study: An Examination of Florida’s Prison Population Trends (May 2017)
Report No. 17-06 Direct File of Children to Adult Court Is Decreasing; Better Data Needed to Assess Sanctions (March 2017)
Report No. 17-05 A Review of the Florida District Courts of Appeal Boundaries and Workload (February 2017)
Report No. 17-04 The State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF) Should Be Retained; Some Modifications Could Be Made (January 2017)
Report No. 17-03 Review of Florida’s Nursing Education Programs, 2016 (January 2017)
Report No. 17-02 Florida Economic Development Program Evaluations - Year 4 (January 2017)
Report No. 17-01 Review of the Florida Lottery, 2016 (January 2017)
Report No. 16-10 County Pretrial Release Programs: Calendar Year 2015 (December 2016)
Report No. 16-09 Agency Review – Enterprise Florida, Inc., and Department of Economic Opportunity (December 2016)
Report No. 16-08 Florida Growth Fund Investments Have Provided Over $200 Million in Distributions to the FRS; Fund Managers Continue to Seek New Investment Opportunities (December 2016)
Report No. 16-07 Review of Medicaid Dental Services (December 2016)