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OPPAGA Report: Status of Florida’s State Small Business Credit Initiative Programs, Report No. 15-02

OPPAGA Report: Florida Economic Development Program Evaluations - Year 2, Report No. 15-01

OPPAGA Report: Ignition Interlock Devices and DUI Recidivism Rates, Report No. 14-14

OPPAGA Report: County Pretrial Release Programs: Calendar Year 2013, Report No. 14-13

OPPAGA Report: The Beach Management Funding Assistance Program Was Recently Improved, but Some Stakeholder Concerns Persist, Report No. 14-12

OPPAGA Report: Florida Growth Fund Investments Continue to Add Jobs and Provide Distributions to the FRS, Report No. 14-11

OPPAGA Report: Actuarial Review of the July 1, 2013 Actuarial Valuation of the Florida Retirement System, Report No. 14-FRS

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Last update: January 22, 2015