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Contracted Review: Review of the Capital Outlay Facilities Space of Florida’s State University System, Report No. 20-SUSFACI

OPPAGA Report: AHCA Continues to Improve Medicaid Program Data Quality and Oversight; Additional Improvements Needed in Use of Data, Report No. 20-04

OPPAGA Report: Review of the Florida Lottery, 2019, Report No. 20-03

OPPAGA Report: A Review of Restorative Justice in Florida and Other States, Report No. 20-02

OPPAGA Report: Florida Growth Fund Program Investments Provided More Than $432 Million in FRS Distributions, Report No. 20-01

OPPAGA Report: Due Process Services, Report No. 19-18

OPPAGA Report: County Pretrial Release Programs: Calendar Year 2018, Report No. 19-17

OPPAGA Report: Florida Economic Development Program Evaluations - Year 7, Report No. 19-16

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